Match Reports

Match Fixtures




Sunday 12th.       Pike Competition (2nd Leg)             Club Lake or River (TBA)                9am - 2pm.


Sunday 5th.         Harry Prior Trophy                          Station Road - Sheering Mill           9am - 2pm.

Sunday 12th       Upware                                          Reach Lode                                  9am - 3pm.

Sunday 19th       Harry Prior Rose Bowl                      Club Lake                                     9am - 2pm.


Sunday 7th.        Specimen Shield (1st Leg)                Club Lake                                     8am - 5pm.

Sunday 14th       Inter club vs. Chingford AS               Colemans Cottage (CM8 3EX)         9am - 3pm.

Sunday 21st       Club Prize Day/match                       Club Lake                                     10am - 4pm.


Sunday 4th         Perpetual Cup 1st Leg                      Club Lake                                      8am - 4pm.

Sunday 11th       Doris Barnes 1st Leg                        Club Lake                                      8am - 1pm.

Sunday 18th       John Foster Trophy                          River Stort (Station Rd.)                  8am - 1pm.

Sunday 25th        Rockell's Farm (Match Lake)             Arkesdon (CB11 44Y)                     9am - 3pm.


Sunday 2nd          Blasford Hill (Match Lake)                 Broomfield (CM3 3PF)                    9am - 3pm.

Sunday 9th          OAP/Ladies (1st Leg)                        Club Lake                                     8am - 1pm.

Sunday 16th        Ernie Harboard Shied                        River Stort (Harlow Mill)                 8am - 1pm.

Sunday 23rd        Clavering (Match Lake)                     Clavering (CB11 4RL)                     9am - 3pm.

REMEMBER!        On away matches let David Higgins know if you wish to attend.  We do not book more pegs than we need.


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