Upware 2014 Rudd

A fantastic day was had at Upware this year for the seniors latest away match. John had an impressive haul of rudd totaling over 33lbs with some larger individuals weighing in at over 2lb.

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Bream Are Being Caught

Bream From 38

It looks like our lake is waking up after winter and all the flooding. Today Craig Gibbons went down to the lake and sat on peg 38. Craig started on the method feeder and within 20 minutes he had a 5lb 10oz Common Carp in his landing net. This was quickly followed by the first Bream. A change over to the pole brought a further 5 Bream, lots of roach and a late Tench. All of the fish on the pole were caught using Miracle Baits expander pellets over micros.

Carp King or Carp Queen

Fantastic news we have found the carp King or rather Carp Queen, well done to Barbara Head for catching a 29lb 4oz common Carp from peg 6 on a single boilie last weekend between mid-day and one, it was obviously lunch time, Barbara and family caught other good fish all day but none as spectacular as this, witnessed by Matt Higgins he said "it put all the men to shame", including Barbara's husband who didn't catch all day.

So there we go then, the gauntlet has been thrown down to all the men can you do better? what a start to 2013. Well done again.

John catches a whopper

Here is John with his impressive catch, a 28lb carp caught on the club lake at the weekend.

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