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To all Carp Fishermen

Important notice to all Carp Fishermen.

Please check your end tackle and ensure that safety rigs are used properly to detach the weight in the event of a problem.

Image of a correctly set up safety rig from - bluebirdjones @ carp.com

An image of a correctly used safety clip.


We have recently had reports of a fish caught towing a very old and rusted hooklength and weight, this is obviously not good for the health of the fish. In this case a safety clip had been used but the rubber sleeve had been pushed too firmly and did not function as designed.

For anyone unsure, please click here for a guide showing how to correctly set rigs up.


It would also be appreciated if everyone could carry a fish care product (e.g. medicarp ultra) to help ensure the qualiy and health of the fish for years to come.