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Club Byelaws

Sawbridgeworth Angling Society Byelaws

Sawbridgeworth Angling Society Byelaws

(as ratified at AGM April 2016)


The following Byelaws are enacted in accordance with clause No.11 of the Constitution

1.   Membership shall be restricted to persons meeting any one of the following qualifications:-

          (a) Residence within the areas of Sawbridgeworth, High Wych, Hatfield Heath, Spellbrook, Matching Tye, Allens Green, Sheering, Great and Little Hallingbury and Hatfield Broad Oak.

           (b)  Persons residing outside these areas may, subject to the approval of the committee, enjoy the priviliges of membership (with the exception of voting rights and the right to retain the Society's trophies) by purchasing an Associate Membership card.

          (c) That subject to exceptional circumstances Associate members having three or more years membership of the Society shall be eligible for continuing full membership: Provided that two thirds of the committee vote in favour and that such members be limited to one per year.

          Please note:   All members must be in possession of a current and valid Environment Agency Rod Licence and present it on joining.

2.   Waters other than the Club Lake designated as "Day Ticket Waters" may be fished by non-members on purchase of a Day Ticket at a price to be agreed at the AGM. Provided that the Byelaws of the Society are strictly observed. The price to be determined at the AGM.

3.   Membership cards and Day Tickets must be shown on demand to Bailiffs, Officers and Members of the Society.

4.   Annual Subscriptions for the season shall be as agreed at the AGM and printed on the current card.

5.   With the ever increasing and varied uses of the towpaths, members are requested to act at all times in a courteous manner with other users and not to act in a manner likely to bring the society into disrepute.

6.   Banks and towpaths are to be kept free of litter. No fires are to be lit or damage done to banks, towpaths and adjacent meadows etc. Gates are to be kept closed. Any Member contravening this rule may be liable to sanctions or even prosecution.

7.   No fish are to be taken away. No live fish are to be used as bait and no fish are to be kept in keepnets for more than four hours except in designated club matches.

8.   In any competition the following rules shall apply:-

          (a) Only one rod or pole, one line and one hook to be in use at any one time with the exception of multi-hook tackle in use for the specific purpose of angling for Pike.

          (b) Only barbless or microbarb hooks are allowed.

          (c) No dead fish shall be weighed in.

          (d) No Pike, Sticklebacks or game fish are to be weighed in.

          (e) Senior Citizens, Ladies and Juniors may request and receive assistance in landing fish.

          (f) Individuals competing shall present their own catch for weighing in and under no circumstances shall more than one competitor's catch be placed in any one keepnet.

          (g) Scales are to be taken to fish.

          (h) The surface of the water shall not be broken until the designated time of commencement (the whistle). Plummets, keepnets and the taking of water for groundbait are exempt. A leger weight may be cast to find depth and distance, but at no time must the line be left in the water whilst setting up other tackle.

          (i) No bait shall be introduced with a pole cup or bait dropper attached to an extra rod or pole whilst continuing to fish.

          (j) No bloodworm or joker shall be used as bait or introduced into the Society's waters and no artificial (plastic) baits used.

          (k) In all competitions other than those designated as "Open", only Members and Associate Members shall compete. Juniors may compete in Senior matches.

          (l) In "away" matches the rules of the host fishery shall over-rule the byelaws of the Society.

9.   The following additional rules shall apply to the Society's lake.

          (a) Only Members and Associate Members shall be eligible to fish the Lake. Maximum two rods per angler. Junior Members shall only be allowed to fish if accompanied by a Senior or Associate Senior member who shall be responsible for such Juniors.

          (b) No night fishing. Fishing is allowed only between sunrise and sunset but not earlier than 6.00am and no later than 10.00pm.

          (c) No tiger nuts or peanuts to be used.

          (d) No bait boats, drones or loose fed boilies are allowed.

          (e) Boilies as hook baits are allowed with a maximum of 10 freebies either using a stringer or PVA bag or net.

          (f) Members targeting Carp must carry an unhooking mat at all times and Members are urged to use Klinik on captured fish.

          (g) With the exception of matches arranged by the Society, no Carp or Tench shall be held in keepnets. Nets must not be used during low oxygen levels. Always check the Notice Boards.

          (h) In competitions a two-net rule applies. One net for Carp and another for all other fish. all nets must be "Carp safe" or carry the "Lilly Logo". Nets must not exceed 70lbs of fish. If necessary further nets must be used.